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About Me

I came to Reiki after many years of searching for my spiritual path and have found the wisdom, principles and practice of Reiki are exactly what I had been looking for all my life.




Suzanne Leitch

Professional Reiki Practitioner

I found Reiki late in life. I have always felt there is a spiritual dimension to life and that there is an indivisible connection between all living things but I didn’t start pursuing this belief and truly seeking more understanding until I retired and moved here, to the South of France.

I started by looking for information and teachers and found there is a common insistence on the importance of a regular prayer and meditation practice among all those who teach and seek spiritual progress. So I started a meditation practice, improved my prayer life and continued to search for teachings that resonated truth with me.
The word Reiki started to pop up in my searches and my curiosity was piqued. About the same time I found that a friend was a Reiki student and very soon after I discovered that my daughter had also embarked on the study of Reiki. I asked my friend if I could meet his Reiki Master and within three weeks I had received my first attunement.

To become a Reiki student is to embark upon a spiritual path, guided by Reiki principles, meditations and a way of living that brings a person’s body, mind and spirit into wholeness and harmony. If followed conscientiously it can ultimately lead to enlightenment.

Reiki is not a religion, it is more a system of self healing and a wisdom tradition. The principles fit in with any faith or religious tradition with no conflict in ideas and principles whatsoever.

The Reiki student, at whatever level attained, first degree, Practitioner level and Master/Teacher, must continue to work on themselves. Offering help and healing treatments to others is more effective if the practitioner is growing in harmony, serenity, wisdom and emotional balance as she/he has more to give.

Amethyst Reiki

For the practitioner, Reiki is a way of life which includes daily self treatment, meditations & the practice of five principles. These principles are:

For today only

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be grateful for your many blessings

Be true to yourself and your being

Be compassionate to yourself and all living creatures

For your Amethyst Reiki session I will create a calm atmosphere with low lighting, candles, incense and music. If you have any specific requests with respect to these, for instance if you are asthmatic or just dislike incense, let me know and I will tailor the session accordingly. Before you arrive I will cleanse and purify the space and when you arrive I will talk to you about what you hope to receive from your session and tell you what you can expect. If you have any specific issues you want help with, this is the time to tell me about them. During your Reiki session you remain fully clothed. There is no necessity to undress, except to take shoes off, and maybe any chunky jewellery and watches that might cause discomfort during treatment. I can treat you with hands-on or hands-off, whichever you prefer.

If I am coming into your home we will need a quiet room where we will not be disturbed and I will bring everything we need with me. It’s helpful to have water freely available and easy access to toilet facilities as Reiki often flushes out toxins from the body and one can feel thirsty and need to go to the loo more than usual for a short time. It is also a good idea to schedule a session when you will be able to rest afterwards as you may feel tired immediately afterwards while the Reiki energy does its work.

A session lasting between one and one and a half hours will cost 45€
Book three sessions over a period of 3 weeks to 3 months for 100€

Contact me to find out more.