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About Me

I came to Reiki after many years of searching for my spiritual path and have found the wisdom, principles and practice of Reiki are exactly what I had been looking for all my life.

Professional Reiki Practitioner


Professional Reiki Practitioner

About me

I am a Reiki master and teacher and until recently I was living in France. It was here in the wild landscape of the Languedoc that I was drawn to learn Reiki and everything changed dramatically. My younger years were full of emotional pain, suffering and addiction until I reached rock bottom and decided I couldn’t live this way another day. I embarked on a programme of recovery and along the way Reiki practice enhanced and accelerated my healing and lead me to a place of deeper peace and acceptance.

About Reiki

I believe that within ours beings we hold the secrets of healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sicknesses that ail us. I also believe we are more powerful than we know and can help ourselves enormously, often avoiding the need for strong medications which can cause as many problems as they solve. My journey has equipped me with knowledge and experience of many of the helpful and healthful tools available to us and these have included my choice of holistic treatments. These include Reiki (of course), the wisdom and help of those who have walked a similar path, a solid spiritual practice and sensible lifestyle habits such as a healthy, clean diet, plenty of rest and good sleep, a balance of work, creativity and play and emotional boundaries. I have worked on raising my self worth, which at times in my life has been non-existent, and now I can discern between what is self serving and what is self caring, both for my well being and ultimately the well being of those around me. Healthy boundaries are important to safeguard mental and emotional health and I have learned how to value, honour and enhance my close relationships with an honest, unselfish give and take, an ability to listen first and speak later, respect for the other and a decision to try always to bring unconditional love to all our interactions. These are the skills, techniques and tools which I have gained and which I can pass on to help you deepen your connections in the world, increase happiness and continue your healing journey in all areas of life.

Reiki treatment

A Reiki session is easy and relaxing. I will talk with you beforehand, in complete confidence, about your intentions and what you hope to receive from the session. It is helpful if you are new to Reiki, to bring a completely open mind to the experience and a strong intention to help yourself heal. The healing journey is not always simple and straightforward. A reiki session can bring up long buried grief, resentments or negative emotional experiences that need to be acknowledged and let go of  before healing can take place. This can be uncomfortable and courage is needed to face up to these situations in the past. Great peace and contentment are the fruits of this work, making it completely worth the initial discomfort and effort and you will not be doing it alone. I can help support, counsel and guide you through.

During the session all you need to do is lie back, relax, listen to the music and drift off. The actual treatment will take between 50 and 60 minutes but allow at least an hour and a half to include pre-session discussions and post-session feedback with a leisurely cup of herbal tea and a biscuit, if desired.

Our Charges


Sessions are 60 minutes and cost £50
They can be either in person or online. If you are facing financial hardship please talk to me and we can come to a mutually acceptable arrangement. Emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing should not be tied to one’s financial status.

Amethyst Reiki

For the practitioner, Reiki is a way of life which includes daily self treatment, meditations & the practice of five principles. These principles are:

 For Today Only

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be grateful for your many blessings

Be true to yourself and your being

Be compassionate to yourself and all living creatures

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